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Ideal Features Of A Watch

The watch is no longer an instrument to check time but the new generation watches offer many features which help you keep more organized and combine various gadgets conveniently into your wrist watch. The features offered by the watches today are updating- like the watch calendar which keeps you updated with day and date, playful- like the stopwatch feature with the sports watch, informative- like the GPS enabled digital watches.

Whatever the functions your watch features it is sure to add convenience to you and make you perform in a better manner. The features of the watches toady can be summarized as

Watches with calendars: Day date watches display the date and day of the week. Full calendar watches display the date, day of the week, and month.

Chronograph watches: Chronographs act as a stopwatch or use a meter to measure elapsed time. Chronographs can also come in split seconds format to measure two time segments simultaneously or consecutively.

Watches with a tachymeter: Tachymeter scales, located around the rim of a watch dial, measure average speed by calculating time and pre-measured distance. They are used along with a chronograph.
Watches with moon-phase indicators: Watches with moon-phase indicators have a display that indicates the phase of the moon with an image on a rotating disk.

Watches with tourbillions: Some mechanical watches have tourbillions, small but very costly mechanisms, which help eliminate potential time errors.

Water resistant watches: Usually described on the dial or back of the case, a watch's water resistance is measured in feet, meters, or atmospheres (ATM). Watches that are water resistant up to 30 meters are splash-proof. Water resistance up to 50 meters indicates that you can wear the watch in the shower. A water resistance rating of 100 meters indicates that you can wear a watch swimming. Watches with a water resistance rating of 200 meters can be worn scuba diving.

Watches with repeaters: Watches with a repeater announce the time through a series of chimes when you press a button.

Telemeter scale watches: Telemeter scales measure the distance between a watch wearer and an object that generates a visible signal and a loud noise (such as a fired cannon or electrical storm).

World time watches: Watches with a world time feature indicate time in all time zones around the world. You can often choose the name of a major city in a certain time zone to see the time in that time zone.

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